Chaga Chai

This Chaga Chai recipe has to be one of my favourite things in the whole world. I was all set to publish a post on popsicles this week, when I woke up to a cold and rainy day and decided to shift my focus.

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Chocolate Panda Tea Infused Coconut Ice Cream

This week's ice cream post was motivated by a few different things. We have had a glorious summer thus far, with beautiful sunny days - and thankfully a bit of much needed rain in the last little while. I have always felt that ice cream pairs well with warm, sunny days and our recent acquisition of a new ice cream maker opened up a whole world of possibilities. 

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Reciprocal Relationships

I read this quote a week ago via a Higher Perspective post on Facebook, and it gave me pause. I sat and thought about it for a few minutes, and realized there is some very real truth to this statement. People can say they care all they like; but the truth lies in what they actually do, the interest they show, and how engaged they really are with you.

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Refreshing Lemonade Duo

The weather here in Victoria has been crazy hot over the past few weeks. As a result I have been focusing on staying hydrated, which includes seeking out some nourishing alternatives to water. Don't get me wrong, water on its own is fantastic, but when I find myself drinking a lot of it I start craving some variety.

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