Sparkling Turmeric Lemon-Limeade

Sparkling Turmeric Lemon-Limeade

We stopped drinking soda (or pop, as we like to refer to it up north) over 10 years ago. I found it sickly sweet and wasn’t comfortable with the extra add on ingredients ( syrup and caramel colouring being two prime examples where Coke is concerned). This article detailing 10 Industrial Uses for Coke details the many reasons why coke (and arguably other soda products) are not the best bet. We switched to drinking sparkling water instead, as we still enjoyed a drink with a bit of fizz. We drank it as an occasional treat (and still do) but even so I became uncomfortable with the amount of bottles we were accumulating. Glass is recyclable, yes, but isn’t it better to not have to recycle anything in the first place? We thought so, and graduated to a Soda Stream, specifically the model with glass bottles as we are trying to reduce plastic as much as possible.

We sparkling water as a special treat from time to time, but we also enjoy playing around with different base mixes to add a bit of zing to the whole experience. We have bought juices and have spiced the experience up that way on many occasions. We have also come up with our own blends, often with ingredients from our fridge or freezer (mint and raspberry is lovely!) and have also mixed up some home brewed with sparkling water for a bit of extra fizz. The mix below came about as we had a hankering for and some fresh and root on hand. We look forward to experimenting with different herbs (fresh , basil or rosemary would be lovely) and mixing up the citrus, with a bit of orange and/or grapefruit would also be tasty. Feel free to experiment away, I would love to hear what you come up with! Oh and the cracked black pepper wasn’t an accident, the Culinary Nutrition Expert in me couldn’t resist adding a touch along with the coconut oil to help maximize absorption from the turmeric!

Sparkling Turmeric Lemon-Limeade


8 lemons and limes, juiced
2 inch piece of turmeric, juiced (or frozen and grated, you can add 1 tsp dried instead)
¼ cup raw (or whole food sweetener of choice, maple syrup is also a great option)
¼ cup fresh thyme leaves
2 Tbsp goji berries
¼ tsp cracked black pepper
1 tsp coconut oil


Combine above ingredients in a high speed blender and process until smooth. Add a couple tablespoons (or as much as you like, really) to the bottom of a glass and pour sparkling water on top. Stir to combine and enjoy!

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